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Wool in School is a wool inspired education company. We are committed to increasing the awareness of wool, its production and sustainable qualities in the School, Home and Community environment.

We introduce children, teachers and families to the amazing qualities of wool and fibres. Showcasing their sustainability and how they deserve a place in our future in the midst of our ongoing battle with climate change and environment renewal.

St Brigid's Cloak

St Brigid's Cloaks

St Brigid’s Cloaks, a community artwork developed by Wool In School in association with Creative Ireland and Kildare County Council.

4 stunning St Brigid’s Cloaks were crafted with an all -encompassing approach to wool heritage and art. This project developed & curated by Wool In Schools Lorna McCormack and Lead Artist Michelle Hickey Legge focused on using locally sourced Irish wool and sustainable resources. All which aligned with the ethos of Wool In School and a number of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Over 950 individuals, including 250 school children from the town of Kildare contributed to St. Brigid’s Cloaks.

Michelle Hickey Legge

Where can I see
St Brigid's Cloaks?

In celebration of the 1,500th anniversary of St. Brigid the handcrafted St Brigid’s Cloaks can be viewed in the beautiful surroundings of St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare Town.

To honour this all island community artwork initiative, the 4 St Brigid’s Cloaks will be travelling the island. They will be close to you to see and learn about St. Brigid and the Irish Wool that has gone into them.

  • Intergenerational Project

    Intergenerational Project

    Community benefits – School and Intergenerational We are proud to support intergenerational connection through our wool kits. In collaboration with County Councils and the intergenerational project our family knitting kit is bringing generations together. Our kit also supports schools, giving …

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  • Wool2Ewe – Wool Education in a Box (Schools)

    Wool2Ewe – Wool Education in a Box (Schools)

    Wool2Ewe is a comprehensive wool education programme designed to generate awareness among children about the benefits of wool and local sustainable fibres. The program includes a colourful display box for classrooms containing fun, educational and creative resources, making it easy for teachers to integrate wool education into their curriculum.

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  • Family & Friends kit

    Family & Friends kit

    Go to Shop At Wool in School, we believe that knitting is more than just a craft – it’s a way to connect with your family and your heritage. Many of today’s most popular knitters learned the craft from their …

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  • Kiddo kit

    Kiddo kit

    Introducing our Kiddo Knitting Kit Go to Shop A fantastic learn-to-knit kit designed with young children in mind. Our kit provides children with the opportunity to learn the art of knitting and create a beautiful, colourful bunting using high-quality yarn …

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Work with us.

Are you looking to make a difference in the education of wool, it sustainable credentials and its importance? Join Wool In School in our mission to educate the young generation about Wool across the globe.

Through a partnership we can bring the Wool 2 Ewe box and programme, offering hands-on learning & experiences to children. Helping them develop a love of all things woolly and a deeper understanding of agriculture and the world around us.

Make a positive impact and encourage the next wool innovators, farmers and wool artists.

+ animals create wool or fibres
% of global fibre production is Synthetic
% of micro plastics are from Synthetic clothes