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Unique opportunity for Knitting Enthusiasts

Share your passion for knitting and make a meaningful impact on the lives of children. Our Kids Knitlab is looking for dedicated knitters, like you, to join our membership and teach children in schools how to knit through our dedicated program and support.

Share your love of knitting
As a member of our Kids Knitlab, you’ll have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and skills to the next generation of knitters. There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing someone pick up their needles for the first time.
Make a difference in children's life
Knitting isn’t just a hobby; it’s a valuable skill that can boost children’s confidence, enhance their creativity, and promote mindfulness. By teaching children how to knit, you’ll be empowering them with a lifelong skill that they can cherish and enjoy for years to come.
Build Community and Connection
Knitting has a unique way of bringing people together. As a member of our Kids Knitlab, you’ll become part of a supportive community of fellow knitters who share your passion for creativity and education. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of children and foster a love for knitting that extends far beyond the classroom.
Personal Fulfilment
Teaching children how to knit is not only rewarding for them but also deeply fulfilling for you as a knitter. There’s something incredibly gratifying about passing on a skill that brings so much joy and satisfaction.

So what it is ?

Our Kids Knitlab program holds immense importance, not only for the children who will benefit from learning a valuable lifelong skill but also for the broader community.

Moreover, introducing knitting into schools opens a world of possibilities for interdisciplinary learning and holistic development. Knitting can be integrated into various subject areas, from math and science to history and culture, providing children with a well-rounded education that extends beyond the traditional classroom.

But perhaps most importantly, this programme is exciting because it represents the coming together of a community united by a shared passion for knitting. Your willingness to share your time and expertise to teach children how to knit speaks volumes about your generosity, kindness, and commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

What will you receive ?

NB it is advised to get public liability insurance indemnifying Wool in School kids knitlab.

So what do you say ?

Are you ready to join our Kids Knitlab and inspire the next generation of knitters? Together, we can make a positive impact on children’s lives and spread the joy of knitting far and wide.

Annual membership EURO 150